Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day by day....

Daily life is about all that is going on here. Saturday night I had the first symptoms of a bladder infection, drank a ton of water and went to bed. Sunday it seemed to be better although I felt under the weather. Monday at 6 am, it woke me with a vengeance. Sigh...off the the ER (Memorial Day). Doing better today and established myself with a local doctor's office.

Stu has been busy working on getting lights functioning on the back of the BRAT Rack. That entailed multiple trips to Tractor Supply and Wal-mart. It's still in the works....LOL!

Our contractor got back with us, he's behind schedule due to the heavy rains but expects to get to our work soon. Unfortunately, we may be out of town when that happens. We leave on Friday for NC, come back on Tuesday late. Then on Wednesday we're back on the road, picking up Sadie in Cookeville and heading to Covington, LA. We should be back sometime the afternoon of the 15th. One week later we leave the area till next fall.

The weather has turned very hot...an early summer (same as last year except we were in Montana). Will be in the low 90's the rest of the week and over the weekend. Definitely beats severe storms though... Pretty much the same in Louisiana...only hotter and even more humid. We are wimping out....we booked a hotel for our visit there. LOL!

So don't worry if you don't see any posts for the next 2 weeks....just means we're out having fun!

Oh, one last thing. We had a surprise visit today...two blog followers stopped by to meet us. They are former full-timers who settled into northern GA. They still RV...they just stick within a 100 mile radius of home so they can pop back for medical visits, etc. Nice folks...her name was Connie but for the life of me, I can't remember his. Sorry!!! We enjoyed chatting with them and were glad they took the time to stop by and meet us.

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu

Monday, May 30, 2011

All gave some and some gave all....

Photo copyright Fentress Courier

Thank you doesn't say enough....

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu

What does a lady motorcycle rider look like?

So many preconceived ideas....thought I'd pass along this link. And yes, I am in the collage...twice. LOL!

BLOG: What does a Woman Rider Look like? Like this …

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Jamestown Chicken Run & Cruise-In

From our local Fentress County newspaper:
Chicken Festival, Car Cruise-In Set May 28 in Jamestown

Cornhole Tournament Adds To This Year’s Activities

The Jamestown Rotary Club’s annual Chicken Festival will be held Saturday, May 28 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. (or when the chicken is gone) at the Fentress County Fairgrounds in Jamestown. Created to promote the broiler industry in the Upper Cumberland area in 1957, the festival features some of the best open-pit cooked chicken halves to be found anywhere.

In addition to the great food and entertainment, the Southfork Cruisers Car Club will be holding their 9th Annual Memorial Day Weekend “Chicken Run” Cruise-In on the carnival grounds at the Fairgrounds.

The past two years has seen more than 70 vehicles each year participate, from old classics and antiques through muscle cars, custom cars and trucks. The event will feature 100% payback of entry fees, as well as drawings for cash and door prizes. Swap meet vendors are invited to attend. The event is free, with the only charge for the chicken and concessions.

How could we resist? We headed out on the motorcycles, grabbed some breakfast and hit the fairgounds around 10:30. We found good parking in the shade and on a paved section. About 70-80 cars where set up...a few we had seen at the Friday night cruise-in but many were new.

Here are some favorites, the rest can be seen in our SmugMug album.

Not too crowded, just the right size for us to enjoy looking at all the cars without getting too tired of walking and perfect weather. When we got back to the bikes a couple coming in to the event stopped to talk trikes with Stu. Half an hour later we had new friends...also full-time RVers who ride (he currently has a Harley Road King) who have property with an RV site on it in the Jamestown area. What are the odds.....LOL!

This afternoon we headed out to the property to give Sadie her BFF fix with Keta. Stu also finished hanging the main gate.

Tomorrow we'll visit the land again, do a little puttering and then maybe take in a movie later in the afternoon.

As you enjoy your holiday weekend, please take time to remember all those who have given their lives to give you the freedom to do so!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu

Friday, May 27, 2011

Firefox and Blogger Commenting

Okay...tried ONE MORE thing today....LOL! If you are using Firefox and can't comment on a blog, try installing the IE Tab add-on. Then when you read a blog you want to comment on try these steps:
  1. Right-click the tab for the blog you are reading and chose Switch Rendering Engine
  2. The blog will reload as though it were being read in IE. 
  3. Enter your comment.
  4. Select any type of comment profile post except Google. I used Name/URL.
  5. Click PREVIEW (this is necessary if there is word captcha on the comment page).
  6. Click POST COMMENT.
Hope this helps us all comment on our favorite blogs. That said, someone said to try Chrome. I did. It works. But I still prefer Firefox...it's set up for me and I know my way around. LOL!

Here are some recommendations from Google on getting to your dashboard page if you are still having problems.
  • Make sure you are running the latest version of your browser, if not, upgraded it.
  • Make sure you REALLY have cleared both your COOKIES and CACHE
  • Once Cleared shut down the browser
  • Then Open it again and CHeck that the Cookies and Cache are indeed Empty. This is very important. The problem seems to be with corrupt cookies and cache files
  • If that is OK try going to www.blogger.com . Don't login yet, press CTRL-F5 and then try logging in again
  • If that still does not work try logging into Gmail first and then go to www.blogger.com and try again
  • If that does not work try going to this address http://www2.blogger.com/home
  • If that does not work try going to draft.blogger.com
  • If all those fail, try installing another browser to see if that works eg Firefox, Chrome, Opera etc

Funny thing, I just tested this process from Firefox and it, too, worked!
  1. Right-click the tab for the just opened Blogger.com and chose Switch Rendering Engine
  2. The blog will reload as though it were being read in IE.
  3. Enter your login information and you should be good to go!
Here's hoping they get this fixed but for now, the IE Tab add-on seems to be a good workaround. If you want to bypass these steps once you know it works, you can go to TOOLS/ADD-ONS/IE TAB and enter the URL for Blogger. It will then always open with the fake IE view. I decided to do just that and also added http://*.blogspot.com so that all my friends blogs will open and I can comment.

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Quiet couple of days.....

You've already noticed that the latest blogs have all been generic stuff...not much about us. There's a reason for that...not much to report. LOL!

On Tuesday Stu headed out in the truck to Virginia where we had stored the BRAT Rack at friends. We will need the rack to carry our motorcycle cargo trailer that we are picking up in Louisiana in a couple of weeks.

He thought he'd be back today but decided to stay an extra day to visit family in Maryland. He should be home tomorrow night.

Me, I've just been doing the usual household chores, catching up on reading, running errands on the motorcycle and working on convincing Miss Sadie that Stu isn't the only alpha dog in the house...and she is NOT the other one. LOL!

We had some weather move in last night around 3 am, again around 8-9 am and the final round around 5 pm. Mostly heavy rain, some wind (lots of leaves on the ground) and this afternoon a little hail. Believe me, nothing serious compared to those in the Midwest...my heart goes out to them!

If you look REALLY hard, you can see a rainbow in this shot....

The biggest news seems to be the Blogger issues....several folks have said they can post comments if they are in a pop-up and not embedded in the blog. I just changed all my blogs to use the pop-up (which I detest but who am I to say...LOL!). Hopefully folks can now comment...at least the ones that couldn't before.

I can post using the Blogger in Draft as well using email (a good backup to have set up). Can't comment, it wants me to login, I do and I get the login page back. Same things happen if I go to Blogger.com. Sigh...

June 3rd we head to Fontana Village in NC for 5 days. While there we will use our seasons passes for my first visit to Dollywood, do some riding in the Smokies and maybe even get in our first whitewater rafting trip. Time will tell...lots to see and do in five short days.

On June 8th we load up the motorcycles, pick up Sadie from doggy camp and we head to Covington, LA to meet up with 50-60 or our closest motorcycle friends (including two couples from Australia). Should be a blast!

We plan to camp while there and we'll also be picking up our new motorcycle pull-behind trailer, BRAT II. If Sadie does with with our host's dog, we'll take one day before coming home and ride in to New Orleans. Then we'll camp on the way back home....sort of a shake-down trip for New England travel this July.
Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu

Add me to the list...

Add me to the ever expanding list of those that can't comment and can no
longer log into Blogger. Doing this post via email and hoping it will
post. Back when I can be!

Donna (Stu is on the road, heading back to TN from VA)

EDIT: Posting via email worked but also found out that I can get to my dashboard from this link. http://draft.blogger.com

EDIT 2: Can't post a comment to my own blog in addition to everyone else's. Clearing cache, dumping cookies, refreshing...nothing has helped. Sigh....

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Texas Theme Park for the Disabled....spread the word!!

The carousel has chariots for wheelchairs. Braille games decorate side panels on the jungle gym. And table-high sandboxes allow just about any kid to build a castle.

Morgan's Wonderland aims to offer everything a special-needs guest might enjoy at a theme park — while appealing to non-disabled visitors too.
5223 David Edwards Dr.
San Antonio, TX     210-495-5888
Open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. most weekdays
during the summer and 5 p.m. or later
on weekends. Check website for specific
days. Free admission for persons with
special needs and children 2 or younger;
adults accompanying person with special
needs $10. General admission $15.
Reservations recommended.

"If it wasn't for searching Google," founder Gordon Hartman said, "it would've taken me a lot longer to put this together."

The result is both inventive and heartwarming: a 25-acre, $34 million park catering every detail to people with physical or mental disabilities, down to jungle gyms wide enough to fit two wheelchairs side-by-side, a "Sensory Village" that's an indoor mall of touch-and-hear activities, and daily attendance limits so the park never gets too loud or lines too long.

Read the full article....

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu

Monday, May 23, 2011

Please help a friend...

I have a lady motorcycle friend from New England that has made it to the final four in a bike makeover competition. We're pulling out all the stops to help her win the contest. I hope you'll vote for her and spread the word, asking your friends to vote as well.

Her name if Pat Henderson and she is the last lady on the voting page. No need to register, no need to provide personal information. Just CLICK to vote! Garage Girls Makeover

I thank you and Pat thanks you! [Feel free to copy and post this to your blog...]

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu

Reading notes.....

I have several RVing friends who are also authors and thought I would post links to their Kindle books here. You can download these to your Kindle or to readers like Kindle for PC/iPhone/iPad/Android/etc.

The first is from Nick Russell, editor of the Gypsy Journal and a good friend. While a writer for years, it's always been non-fiction. Yesterday he uploaded his first fiction book, Big Lake, to Amazon. At an introductory price of only 99 cents, you've got nothing to lose. I downloaded it and it's on my list to read next. You can keep up with Nick and his wonderful wife, Terry, on their travel blog. If you're an RVer, you can meet them at the next Gypsy Journal Rally in Celina, OH September 26. We'll be there...hope you will be, too!

Another author you might enjoy is Brian Gore who writes old West fiction. Being an 'ole cowboy himself, he lends an air of authenticity to his book, A Matter of Honor. We met Brian last year in Colorado, just before he and his wife Heidi hit the road with their pups and motorcycles. They have been boondocking all over the west since then, you can keep up with him on either of his two blogs: RV or MC.

Oh, remember if you download and read either/both of these books, be sure to upload your review. The authors would appreciate it!

Okay, now on to a quirky author that I have enjoyed...John Locke, the Donovan Creed series. Donovan Creed is a former CIA assassin with a weakness for women and an unusual sense of justice. The books can be graphic and gritty. All his books are currently 99 cents and it's best to read them in order. So here is the list:

I have downloaded but not read his latest series, Emmett Love Western, Follow the Stone, but expect to enjoy it as well. He recently published book two in this series, Don't Poke the Bear.

I have to admit, I am getting the writing bug again. Back before my late husband was diagnosed with cancer, I was doing a lot of non-fiction writing and dabbling in fiction. I had several things published and wrote several regular columns for both magazine and newspapers. I had written several things for children and outlined a few romance novels. Maybe time to dig out my notes....

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu

PS. Today ONLY and only till sold out: Kindle Wireless Reading Device with Free 3G – 2nd Generation for $89.99 + $5 shipping

Saturday, May 21, 2011

What a wonderful day we had.....

We started out the morning with breakfast at our newly found spot, the West End Cafe. From there we went to Tractor Supply and the local True Value store and picked up stuff for the property. Blog update here: And so it begins....

We took a different, scenic ride out to the property and I snapped a few shots.

Sadie and her BFF, Keta, had fun while Stu and I (mostly Stu) worked.

We came home, rested a bit and then headed out to downtown Jamestown for the local Cruise In. For a small town, they had a nice showing and we were there early on. Here are a few photos and you can see the rest in our SmugMug album.

Then we took off for a nice two hour ride...perfect weather, perfect roads, perfect end to the day. Life is good!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu 

Friday, May 20, 2011

There IS a sun up in the sky....

Yesterday started out without rain...wonderful news. It warmed up slowly, finally hitting the low 70's. About 1:00 we loaded up Sadie and headed out on the motorcycle for a couple hour ride. We took a very scenic route through the countryside, several roads were new to both of us.

About 3:30 we stopped at Cracker Barrel in Crossville for a late lunch. We made note of the movie times at the theater in Crossville before heading back home. Sadie really enjoyed herself. We watched her trying to nap while we ate...constantly interrupted by people walking by....important to notice. LOL!

We set Sadie up in the garage, took the carrier off the back of the trike and headed out on the one bike, back to Crossville, to see the movie "Bridesmaids". We both enjoyed it...although it's more of a chick flick than for the boys. While there were definitely a lot of funny scenes (you will NEVER forget the character, Megan - played superbly by Melissa McCarthy, truly reminiscent of Zach Galifianakis's role in The Hangover. There was a lot of underlying truth about women and friendships as well as our insecurities.

Today Stu took his trike to Boswell's HD in Cookeville for his new front tire. He has over 20,000 miles on the original tire...pretty amazing! I did more laundry (why does it seem never to be done), walked the dog, washed her bedding, gave her a bath and pinched my arm when unfolding the folding stool. LOL!

Tonight was a TV night, catching up on old recorded shows like Dancing With the Stars, Modern Family, Happy Endings, and Cougar Town. Tomorrow we're going to try out the West End Cafe for breakfast and then off to Tractor Supply to get a rake, shovel, the gate for our main driveway as well as dog food.

Stu is going to start getting the materials to build the shed on the property that will house the bikes when we are parked there as well as take over for our storage unit. He thinks he can bring it in for about 1/3 of buying a pre-built. I'll be happy at 1/2 the cost...LOL!

We'll be posting more on that in our Fire Lily Base Camp blog....later.

Here are some pictures that you won't see in Sadie's blog...LOL!

You talking to me?

Watching the Animal Planet.

Did it stop raining yet, mom?

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dark, dreary, drizzly continues....

Well, it's been six days now. Today was cabin fever day and we finally loaded ourselves into the truck and headed to town. That helped....
  • Stopped at lumber yard so Stu could get a materials quote for our shed, 
  • Dropped off our mail
  • Had lunch at a new spot, the West End Cafe (very good, will go back)
  • Went to the property to do some measuring and let Sadie get her Keta fix
  • Stopped into a little discount store where we picked up a few things including a little china creamer ($1) for my collection
Four hours away from the rig was good! But it did get me thinking about what I miss about having a house...multiple rooms. Sure, you can go up to the bedroom and lay on the bed and read or watch TV but that's really it. In a house you have more options to roam and sometimes I think just the moving from room to room, fiddling and fixing things as you see them, helps.

I also miss having a separate office. A place for the computer that allows me to get away from the computer (yeah, I'm addicted...LOL!). A place where I can clutter a little until I feel like dealing with the filing and other paperwork.

Normally the RV doesn't feel restrictive...you just walk outside and you've expanded your walls immensely. But when it's in the 50's and rainy, not gonna happen. When it's that cold and dreary for days on end...we'd normally move but we are busy here working on prepping our property. Sigh...at least it's supposed to be warmer starting tomorrow although the clouds are still in the forecast.

So, what do YOU miss most about having a house...I know many will say nothing, but after almost 4 years on the road I know there are a few things I miss and space is one of them. LOL!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

RV Kitchens....

I was posting in an RVing group in Facebook about what other RVers liked/disliked about their kitchens. For me, I feel pretty lucky since we have a peninsula for counter space and a 4-door freezer/frig. I'd like a little more storage space and we could gain that by pulling out our one shelf dishwasher that we never use.

We probably have adequate space but need to arrange it better....I've tackled this twice and gotten rid of things we don't use but I could probably still do more. I have a bad habit of thinking that I might use something....someday. ;-)

I store extra paper products behind our loveseat (it's a recliner so no underneath storage). The cabinets over the sofa store office supplies, wine and beer glasses, pots/pans, vacuum containers, vacuum sealer, extra coffee mugs and shoe care products (yeah, I know...what a mixture...LOL)

I also chatted about how others shopped...every couple of days, daily, weekly, monthly. Do they shop at chain stores, local markets, big discount stores, outdoor stands. We tend to do most of our shopping at Wal-Mart Supercenters, due to prices and availability.

We eat a lot of fresh fruit and veggies (for salads and stir-fry mostly) as well as frozen veggies. Our freezer is always full of whole wheat sandwich thins, chicken, fish, bison, Italian turkey sausage, ground turkey. The frig is full of milk, yogurt (vanilla for my cereal, blueberry and peach for desserts), salad fixings, fresh fruit, and condiments....oh, and don't forget the beer. LOL!

I'm not a cook...never have been, never will be. Don't really like to cook but do the basics. We eat simply, that helps. But it makes me wonder how folks keep stuff on hand to cook a large variety of dishes without things spoiling. Even spices go stale after a while....

So what do you do? What do you like/dislike about your kitchen? Do you have a free-standing freezer? If so, where do you store it? Inquiring minds want to know.....LOL!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu

Monday, May 16, 2011

Another dreary day....

It's been cloudy and drizzly since Friday with temps hovering in the 50's for highs. Sadie is tired of it and so are we....LOL! It looks like we have one more day of this and then the sun will appear (at least part time) on Wednesday and by Saturday we'll be back into the low to mid 80's. Not complaining....at least we are in the middle of wildfires or flooding!

Things are moving slowly on the property...just updated the Fire Lily Base Camp blog.

Forgot to mention in the previous blogs about the cute little town names we passed through, as well as cute little towns. We were really impressed with Geneseo, NY, Franklin, PA and Columbiana, OH. Pretty towns with active, thriving downtown areas that incorporated the historic look with viable stores and shops of today.

As to interesting town names...we were thrilled to be in Bliss [NY], played in Arcade [NY], wondered what Sadie would have thought about Barkeyville [PA], felt slick as we rode through Oil City [PA], thought we might be in the movies as we passed through Pleasantville, [PA], dodged Torpedo [PA], held our chests high in Busti [NY], wondered if we were really in FL as we passed Silver Springs and Gainesville [NY], tried not to feel Funk [OH], wondered if we were wearing the right color in Olive Green [OH].

We also saw signs for the Orient [PA] and Route 666 [OH], Cranberry [PA], Sadieville [KY], Yosemite [KY] and Wyoming [NY]. Hope you'll stop in and read my other blog, What State are YOU in?

We've extended our stay for another month here at Maple Hill RV Campground. We plan to attend some local cruise-in nights (bikes and cars) both locally and an hour or so away. We still haven't made firm plans to visit Dollywood, but plan to visit at least two days in the next month. 

We're three weeks from heading Louisiana to meet up with 50-60 of our motorcycling friends for a long weekend. Hope to do a little more of New Orleans but that depends on how well Sadie gets along with our host's dog. We'll be camping (yes, tent and air mattress) in their yard along with several others. Should be interesting...

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Jamestown(s) and more....

As noted we have a natural affiliation with Jamestown....having owned motorcycles purchased from both the Jamestown NY and Jamestown ND Harley dealers as well as owning land in Jamestown TN. When we stopped in the Jamestown NY dealer, the gal there told us there was another Jamestown Harley dealer in California.

So just for fun, here is a list of all the states with a Jamestown....
* Jamestown, California
* Jamestown, Colorado
* Jamestown, Boone County, Indiana
* Jamestown, Elkhart County, Indiana
* Jamestown, Kansas
* Jamestown, Kentucky
* Jamestown, Louisiana
* Jamestown, Missouri
* Jamestown, New York, the largest American city bearing the name
* Jamestown, North Carolina
* Jamestown, North Dakota, the second largest city bearing the name
* Jamestown, Ohio
* Jamestown, Oklahoma
* Jamestown, Pennsylvania
* Jamestown, Rhode Island
* Jamestown, South Carolina
* Jamestown, Tennessee
* Jamestown, Virginia
* Jamestown, West Virginia
* Jamestown, Wisconsin
* James Town, Wyoming

Kind of interesting! Jamestown NY is the home of Lucille Ball and currently the celebration of what would have been her 100th birthday. It was noted everywhere, including the lobby doors of our hotel.

Here is a photo of the Harley dealer in Jamestown....

And just for fun, here is a shot of what was parked outside our hotel...

This weekend we continue to tackle the daily mundane chores that plague all of us, no matter how or where we live. LOL! Yup, always cleaning - laundry - maintenance - filing - etc that needs to be done.

Oh....Stu's question of the day. What do you call your RV? Without thinking the other day, I said I was ready to head to the house. Do you ever call your rig that? So many terms...RV, rig, coach, motorhome, motorcoach, trailer, fiver, camper...hmmm....

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


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