Sunday, October 2, 2011

Who turned down the thermostat?

I posted a bit ago that fall was here…well, fall has moved in with a vengeance! Last night it went down to 46 and at 2pm it’s only 52 degrees. Now if it were sunny, it wouldn’t be so bad but it’s still overcast and drizzly. Ugh! At least the rest of the week the highs are forecast for the mid to upper 60’s.

I didn’t pick up my bike yet, mostly due to weather but also due to “blahs” and pain from my first chiropractor appointment. Two nights of good Aleve-assisted sleep and several hours of using my Bed Buddy and I feel better. Will be interesting to see how I do with four appointments next week. Really hoping to loosen up all the muscle spasm issues in my back.

So a quiet Sunday afternoon…Stu has the Ravens and Nascar on tap… Oh, and his colonoscopy prep. Yup, this is his year (mine was last year). We’ve stocked up on lemon sugar-free JELL-O, chicken & veggie broth, diet 7-UP and the original Gatorade. I’m trying to not eat really tempting stuff in front of him. Honest!

Sadie had two sleepovers at her sister’s house and last night finally came home for a bath and her monthly heartworm/flea-tick meds. Today she is on the lead outside…no muddy play since we can’t bath her for a couple of days. She’s not happy about that…LOL!

We are scheduled to move from our stepdaughter’s yard in Stevensville, MD to Stu’s oldest daughter’s yard in Greenwood, DE on Friday. We’ll be there for a week, enjoying the grand-girls and hopefully getting Stu’s Delaware Harley shirt. Hoping we have both bikes back and good weather to get in some riding before moving on to PA for a long weekend.

Stu is carrying some tools he had stored here in MD back to TN. They take up a bit of room so I’ll be riding my motorcycle behind him on the next three moves. REALLY hoping for decent weather…I can deal with the cold if it’s not raining…or the rain if it’s not cold. Together….not a happy camper. LOL!

Florida Flower, taken in 2004
Unknown Flower, photo taken in SE Florida in 2004

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu

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Chuck-Kathy said...

Think that is a passion flower. Pretty, but if they are let go can be very invasive. I know took me years to clear them from my back
Travel safe

Kathy said...

Here's to good weather for your riding. Nice Passion flower.

Phyllis said...

Ah NASCAR. We were in Dover on Thursday as the RV's were rolling in. Every spot big enough to hold a rig, held one.

Lynilu said...

It seems to be cooling off everywhere. Well maybe not in TX yet! My nights are in the upper 40s now and days in the 70s. I like these temps, but I'm enjoying sun to go with them most of the time. I hope your trips are favorable to you being on the bike!

Malone said...

One of the better aspects of RV life, seeing your kids that are all over the place and parking in their driveways.

Merikay said...

I had a colonoscopy when I was 52. I know the doc is going to suggest I get another. Have to change doctors when I go on medicare next month. Up till now the HMO I have been using only does poop tests. Don't know if I want another Colonoscopy or not. We will se how much it will cost.

Budd Nash said...

My SIL just finished 8 weeks of 24/7 chemo and daily radiation treatments in preparation for surgery to remove a colorectal tumor AND about 1/3 of her liver.

All of this is because she would not get a timely colonoscopy. For Poop tests to be indicators requires a certain advanced stage of tumor growth that a timely colonoscopy would have prevented.

She had no family history of cancer but now is in stage 4. The historical 5 year survival rate of any stage 4 cancer averages about 6%.

Nov 1 she will go in to have 1/3 of her liver removed. A few weeks after that, she will have a section of her lower colon removed and then start 6 months of aggressive chemotherapy. Much stronger stuff that she delt with this past 8 weeks.

If you think a colonoscopy is inconvenient, talk to someone that has to deal with a colostomy bag 24/7 for the rest of their life.

A colonoscopy is really cheap insurance on any scale, is not usually painful and only mildly inconvenient compared to all of the other alternatives.

Though often an option, a virtual colonoscopy is not invasive, is done on a CAT scanner and might show up pre cancerous polyps, if they are advanced enough.

Whatever the available choices, putting off inconvenience today that could kill you later, just does not make sense if one really understands the risks that are involved.
Please Choose wisely.

nwlambear said...

Hi guys! inconvenient as colonoscopies are, they are a life saver. For us, I think we have to have one done every 4 year (cause our last ones didn't show any problems). That drink you have to force done is awful!!! chug a lug! BTW what does the chiropractor do? Manipulate the muscles? That is partly what my physical therapist does...and I get really sore. I'm learning how to recognize and manipulate the muscles in my right leg and hip. It's kind of like breaking them free. Hope the pain lessens for ya. Is Stu from Maryland? I was born in Delaware and am familiar with Greenwood, DE. I grew up in Middletown, DE and Newark, DE. Take care you guys and hope all goes well with your travel from DE to PA. ~Tricia (nwlambear)

Linda and Linda said...

Hope you have great weather ! That must be some load of tools. I've been riding the trike from Colorado as we cross the country finishing up our assignments. Leavin' Ohio tomorrow for PA so last leg of trip in store and calling for great weather. Yippee !! Us bikers aren't asking for much, eh ? Sunshine and warmth...Be safe !


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