Friday, August 5, 2011

It's not all about us.....Update & New Request

In the past I've done several posts to help others: "It's not all about us..." and "One more chance to help folks...". So I thought it was time to post some updates as well as a new request for help...for our soldiers in Afghanistan.

First up is Ara & Spirit who had a photo entered in a contest with Canon. The photos were fuel for director Ron Howard, to be used in a possible future film. Ara was lucky enough to make the semi-finals but lost out at the end. Thanks for your votes!

Next is Cindy Smith who was hoping to win a used car to help facilitate visits between her NY home and her wounded soldier son in NC. Unfortunately Cindy didn't win.

The other Cindy is Cindy Hashaw who's son was suddenly struck with a rare, critical illness. He has improved and is home, waiting for a possible bone marrow transfer. They hope for a match and a transfer to Cincinnati soon. They still need help covering the astronomical costs involved, not just medical but day to day living. You can donate to her fund via PayPal to, listing it as a gift and mentioning Cindy's name. She is a very close friend of mine and I thank you if you can help, even a little. Every bit counts!

Ed & Marilyn Dray lost their home and all their belongings in an RV fire. Fortunately they are back on their feet and in their new home. Check out their blog...and thank you for your help!

Pat Henderson was the lady rider friend who won the Garage Girls makeover contest. She recently posted a photo of her winnings. She and her husband are currently on their way to Sturgis!

Now for my new request. Cindy Hashaw (above) and another good riding friend of mine are the founders of a ladies riding group, the Bomber Girls. They work tirelessly to help ease the life of our soldiers overseas, holding benefits year round to send care packages.I'm posting below their request, it's long but please take time to read. I'm sure you'll find plenty of ways to help. You can also see the local news story here. The best link to donate from is HERE. Thank you!!!

We (Bomber Girls) have had a big year sending over packages to deployed soldiers. And we have just received another HUGE request. Becky explains it quite nicely below what we are facing. Anyone who would like to help get these soldiers taken care of, please email , or you can sponsor a package or donate via the website,
Thank you


I'm sending this email to friends, family, our CPA, car insurance guy, home owners association, lol EVERYONE. Some of you know I am a member of an all female motorcycle organization here in savannah ga who sends care packages overseas to deployed soldiers. We are a small group with a HUGE yearly schedule that affords us the opportunity to do atleast 5 scheduled mailings a year. Lately we have been approached by BATs, UNITs, PLTs, SQDs, etc. to send them toiletries because there isnt a stocked exchange if even one exists on their FOB. yesterday we get a request from a FOB! Holy Schmoly! What has started out as simple, affordable (unscheduled) mailings has now been turned into a FOB MAILING!

Now to the root of my request (because it doesn't hurt to ask and not asking would definitely produce a big fat goose egg)....
Hello my name is Chaplain Kirby Vidrine. I am the TF Gila Chaplain station in FOB Rushmore Afghanistan. I am writing you asking for care packages. We are in a location where there is no exchange to purchase items, and would appreciate anything that could be sent. Below is a list of things we urgently need. We would greatly appreciate anything you could send to us on a regular basis. Our unit will be here for the next year.

Baby wipes
Shaving Cream
Suntan lotion
Hand lotion
Hand Sanitizer
Fingernail clippers
Foot powder
Non perishable food items
Female items

Chaplain Kirby Vidrine
HHC Taskforce
FOB Rushmore
APO AE 09311

THERE ARE 220M AND 30F.... TOTALLING 250 PEOPLE. just to give you the break down of what we are facing, if we do for EVERYONE on the list....and some of the stuff we already have, but.... 16 items on the list-shopping at the dollar store for hygiene items thats $16 per box for 250 people... $4000 (just for items to put in box) 250 boxes at $13 postage....$3250. total mailing costs $7250. holy schmoly!

But.... because they have asked for us to pick them up on a 'regular' basis of mailings AND we just cant do $7k... We are breaking it down quarterly and shooting for a spending limit of $1500 (which we have). This is for 50 boxes with those 16 items. I'm not sure if asking for money (which is easier for us) or asking for the items on the list to be donated is the best course of action. I do know however, ANY HELP will be greatly appreciated! we SOOOO need a corporate sponsor! But, I am asking everyone I know for any help that they can assist us (Bomber Girls LRC) with.

Thanks everyone,
Becky (Tomlin) Bradley
Jerzey, Bomber Girls LRC
That's about it for us...we are still enjoying our family time. We haven't even unloaded our motorcycles. Stu had done a few chores and I've caught up on several backlogged things. We've also helped our stepdaughter and her family get their trailer set up for the vacation to Colorado and Moab. They went right from tent camping to a bumper pull trailer.

Tomorrow is moving day...we head south to Delaware.

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu

3 friends speak out:

Sue and Doug said...

what a great update!..the one for the soldiers in Afganistan is a good one..never even thought about it..until now..thanks for the reality check!.. :)

Dottie Pietila said...

Hi Donna - I think this is the thing I like most about your blog - you are always extending a hand for the other guy! This sounds like an excellent group of gals, and though times here are pretty tough right now - I've got it easy compared to what "our boys" are up against overseas. I'll be looking for what I can do first thing in the morning!
God Bless our soldiers and God Bless those who help look out for them!

Mary Durfor said...

Donna, I have followed your adventures for so long! My daughter had a kidney/pancreas transplant June 7th of this year. A wonderful organization, the NTAF (National Transplant Assistance Fund) is a.thirty-year old 501c3 (?) non-profit that helps transplant patients and their families with fund-raising efforts, and they have been a terrific help to us. We had a great benefit that two dear friends organized, and my daughter's fund is growing, to help with all the crazy costs! Cindy needs to explore this, their info is online. Good luck with all the causes you champion, that's what makes life so great!


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