Monday, August 8, 2011

Another catch-up post - where does the time go?

We had a wonderful time visiting family in New York. The weather wasn't unbearably hot until the last day when we finally broke down and turned on the A/C. We spent 4 nights and 5 days there, enjoying our time with my stepdaughter and her family.

They had just bought a new to them travel trailer and Stu spent time helping them prepare for their big vacation. Lots to get done...lots of tips to pass along. Micki cooked for us twice and then I made a big pot of chili. We enjoyed sitting on their deck and chowing down!

Sadie made a new friend and really enjoyed playing with Mollie as well as running through the apple/peach orchard with her. She wrote about it here.

Sadly our time there ended too quickly...we never even unloaded our bikes. The morning we got ready to leave we had a little excitement. First thing, Sadie's collar broke in half. Not sure why, no chew or bite marks on it. Got her squared away with her old leather collar. Phew! Then Stu watched a gorgeous Blue Heron fly in and land on the little pond behind us.

By Saturday afternoon we were headed out towards southern Delaware where we would do more driveway camping with family....this time Stu's oldest daughter's house. We passed through some pretty little towns on back roads, avoiding tolls except for the bridges. I took some bridge photos along the way...just for my good friend, Nick Russell. Nick, we thought of you!!

We spent the night in a Flying J after getting fuel, propane and dumping. Once we got settled in we headed over to Denny's to have "dessert first" in honor of our friend, Doug, who recently passed away. I had apple pie ala mode and Stu had apple crisp ala mode. We toasted to Doug with our first bite...I know he would approve. Some good coffee and conversation, then it was back to the rig for leftovers.

We took our time Sunday morning, opting for a leisurely Denny's breakfast before continuing our journey. We arrived in Greenwood about 1 pm, got settled in and celebrated our youngest granddaughter's third birthday.

We got to meet Stu's youngest daughter's new boyfriend and he brought along Riley, the runt of Sadie's litter. They had fun playing and we look forward to getting them together again. Unfortunately, we were too busy enjoying ourselves to even THINK about taking any photos. LOL!

The next few weeks are filled with activity...dinner with old friends, getting my bike serviced, family pizza nights, a myriad of doctor/dentist/vision exams/appointments. In the middle of all this we will be doing the 9-11 America's Foundation 10th Anniversary Memorial Ride and I will be taking a solo trip to Milwaukee, WI for a lady rider gathering.

So blogs may continue to be a bit slim...but I'll do the best I can.

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu

3 friends speak out:

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Looks like a great family visit, with obviously a lot more to come:)

Melinda said...

What a wonderful life!

Jim and Sandie said...

Lots of family time which is priceless. Hang on to that camera a little more though.


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